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The Skinny on the Media Show
a month ago
Aaron Bluestein
9 months ago
The Voice
The Voice: Archival Information
11 months ago

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The Skinny on the Media Show By: After Ed Team
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The Media Show is featured at the Media That Matters festival!

Reposted from art as work. Written by Brian Hughes.

The Media Show – a show produced by EdLab’s video team that came out of the After Ed TV project, and a product of Gus Andrews’ imagination – recently won the Fair Use Award at the Media that Matters Festival (see the posting here). The particular episode that won the award (above and on …
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Aaron Bluestein

Aaron Bluestein has wrapped up the year teaching English at Whole Foods in New York City. He ponders the next step to take given his interests in language and culture.
Posted 9 months ago by After Ed Team

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Leonisa Ardizzone

Leonisa Ardizzone is more than the director of the Salvadori Center, she is also an accomplished jazz singer, tap dancer and mother.
Posted 10 months ago by After Ed Team
Kolikkopelit Verkossa
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Dorothy Reilly

Dorothy Reilly utilizes her talents as a photographer to get people interested in visiting the Staten Island Greenbelt.
Posted 10 months ago by After Ed Team

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The Voice: Archival Information

See all episodes of The Voice on its own Pressible site here. As part of the After Ed TV project in the fall of 2008, EdLab partnered with the Teachers College Record (TCR) to develop and produce The Voice, a weekly video series that communicates traditional scholarly research in a new way. The editors at …
Posted 11 months ago by After Ed Team

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